Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Observations from the Cornhusker State

So, I've been in Lincoln, Nebraska for almost a week now. A place where corn is growing everywhere, rain brings the smell of fertilizer, the majority of people drive red cars (this is Husker nation), and when it's football season Saturdays bring droves of Husker fans to Memorial Stadium, which then becomes the third largest city in Nebraska; a bit of trivia you can't not know if you've been here more than once (go 'skers!).
Well, the corn and soybean crops are past their prime and ready for harvest. The (national) Soybean crop is lackluster with estimates being trimmed down from August estimates. However, the Nebraska '07 corn crop is a big one and expected to be 300 million bushels bigger than last year's. So, the demand (provided some farmers can afford it) for grain bins and elevators has heated up. Meanwhile, you can't drive for very long around here without seeing a John Deere tractor, seems like it's the tractor of choice. Also, TSCO (Tractor Supply Company) is the WalMart for farmers. I gotta tell ya, for some reason I love browsing through a well-stocked Tractor Supply store, I've never had the urge to buy John Deere merchandise until I visited Nebraska. Git 'er

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