Monday, November 05, 2007

FLY Short Squeeze

The big news in the trader's blogosphere today has to do with the comment made this morning by "The Fly." As he succinctly puts it; "don't forget, "The Fly" will soon be shutting down this fucktarded blog-- in order to melt away into the confines of glorified internet folklore." This comment sure got people amped up, just check out the dialogue on Wallstreak. I thought it was pretty funny to go to a trading chat room and read the comments of people arguing with one another (and getting really angry) all because "The Fly" said he was closing up his blog. At any rate, if "The Fly" were a publicly traded company there certainly would have been a short squeeze in play today, sending FLY off the charts. Anyway, I'll definitely miss "The Fly" and all of his witty commentary. However, once he's gone maybe I'll find myself using the term "fucktard" a little less. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing.


Broker A said...

Thanks, fucker.

todd said...

No, Thank You! You've humbled every one of us internet fucktards.