Thursday, April 05, 2007


A topic I haven't been putting much thought into at all lately is investing for my rainy-day portfolio. In other words, longer-term investments that I can just park and forget about for a while. Luckily we have to help remind us of such topics. Today his website touches on "sector-focused" funds and/or ETF's. I'm greatful to these people and their blogs/websites for all the topics they help you to remember to think about. In particular with today's posting at was a link to Ticker Sense, and a discussion on paying special attention to sector performance in the first quarter in order to gain some perspective on what the next three quarters might turn out like. The bottom line being; The Utilities sector performed best in the first quarter with an 8.44% gain, with the Materials sector a close 2nd at +8.38%. Looks like I have some research to do for my rainy day portfolio!

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