Wednesday, June 06, 2007

TD Ameriscam?

Being that TDAmeritrade (AMTD) is leading the advancing issues this morning, I thought I'd rain on the parade a bit with this dis-satisfied customer rant. It is alleged that this customer created an account with TD (consisting of "16 random alphanumeric characters, which [he] never gave to anyone else.") One month later he was receiving pump-and-dump stock spams to his given email address. Finding this to be peculiar, and likely very annoying, he did a Google search for "ameritrade spam" where the top hits were of people with similar experiences (go ahead, Google it and see all the testimony that comes up). So the question is, just how compromised is the Ameritrade account one sets up? And why doesn't this get picked up by the media? Maybe it will come to an end being that this guy was just busted.

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