Friday, June 15, 2007

Let's Jamba!

I go to JambaJuice maybe a handful of times in a month. Yesterday, as I was waiting for my wheatgrass juice to be made (I know, I know, it's not exactly a "refreshing" juice, but it's really good for you) I was thinking how every time I come to this joint it's always packed, and always turning over the packed house (as one customer leaves, two seem to come in the door). So, I down the shot of wheatgrass, chase it with a complimentary orange wedge (the citrus helps the body absorb the calcium inherent in the wheatgrass; looks to me like this operation knows what it's doing), and off I go. My very observant fiance says to me as we leave; "did you notice the flyer with the JMBA ticker?" So, I put two and two together (always crowded business + Nasdaq ticker symbol = potential $$$). Lo-and-behold this article surfaces today at "On June 11th Jamba announced earnings for the first quarter of 2007 of $11.9 million or 20 cents per share versus a year ago loss of $81.5 million or -$3.88 per share. Although these first quarter results included a pre-tax gain of $15.2 million, after backing out this gain the results still handily beat analyst expectations. Revenues increased 22% year over year coming in at $89.4 million." Not only a fantastic earnings turn-around, but the summer is settling in, and I expect JambaJuice to be just as crowded next time I go in for a shot of grass. Long Jamba.

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