Thursday, February 07, 2008

Free Healthcare...

...unless we're bankrupt. An interesting blog posting here telling of the setback Governor Schwarzenneger is experiencing as he tries to provide healthcare to those without. The worrisome economic status of the state of California has led Governor Schwarzenneger to declare a fiscal emergency in January, as the fifth largest economy in the world battles with a $14-billion deficit. An attempt to raise revenue by increasing tobacco taxes was strongly opposed and unable to pass as a measure in the past election. So, we're left with school and hospital funding cuts in order to trim the budget. It's a sad statement on where priorities lie. Higher taxes on tobacco products? Hell no! Cut school and hospital funding? Who cares, so long as you don't raise the cost of my cigarettes. And since California will likely be the last state to feel the full effect of the mortgage/credit crisis pinch the seriousness of this problem is only just surfacing. 'tis a shame.

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