Sunday, March 16, 2008

wow pt.II

I had no idea the layers behind this news. Crap! So JPM is buying BSC for $2/share!! Two Dollars!!...That makes BSC (the fifth largest investment bank, the investment bank that up until last year bragged of an 85-year profitability streak) at about $236 million.
I'm hearing Gold futures are up 3% so far...that would put it up $30.
messy, messy, messy....And all of a sudden your mind gets racing on what positions to entertain. Just start buying puts?
Go long SKF and GLD?
Try to short IWM, Q's, SPY and DIA on retracements?
Perhaps everything will go parabolic and we can do nothing but buy the capitulation.
I'll likely just sit-back, take everything in, and learn from my observations.


Dollar falls below 96 yen for the first time since 1995

Hang Seng down 4.12%
Nikkei down 3.8%
Shanghai down 3.7%

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Dave said...

buy LEH puts -- a small position if nothing else :)