Friday, March 21, 2008


I was too exhausted to post anything yesterday. I was also bummed to be ousted from the Ragin' FinalFour tournament (sigh). It's been a long (even though it was a shortened) exhaustive week. I've been suffering from a debilitating trade-paralysis lately where I just can't seem to pull the trigger, even after telling myself to cut my share size down if I'm not comfortable. This trading profession can really mess with your head. I think perhaps I need a mentor or someone who has gone through it all and can maybe help me build up my confidence. Or someone I could talk through ideas/strategies with. booohoohoo Yo soy un perdedor!
At any rate, here are a number of set-ups I wish I would have taken yesterday, consider them chart set-ups for posterity.
AAPl - I was even watching/expecting a break of this 2-day channel.CMG - this had a run-away move in the morning, based around in the early afternoon and a squeeze between resistance and the fast moving average on increasing volume took this burrito bomb higher into the last hours of trading.GS - had a lull in volume during its narrow-range corrective phase. Price chopped around resistance, volume picked up, the broad market picked up and this stock carried through.ISRG - another one that I was watching/expecting a break of its base. After it sold off in the morning it steadily worked its way back to the previous day support where volume picked up, moving averages converged, and price carried on up to the previous day's resistance.

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Anonymous said...

You can always ask my brother for advice, see ya feel better already!