Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dull Markets

The past two days have been miserably dull with the awaiting of Fed Day tomorrow. There were a number of opening range expansions and break-downs that I didn't trade (nice and orderly though). Those particular moves were more or less done by about noon. So, what's there to do when things just don't move (I'm open to other suggestions)? The one option I was experimenting with these past two days is scalping the Q's.
This chart is a bit messy; I color coded the vertical lines red for short positions and green for long positions (the same for the up/down arrows). It's a big commissions generator, you have to buy large lots (200-1000 shares per trade) to make it worth while, and the moves aren't spectacular ($0.10-$0.30 per side more or less). But you can get away with a tight stop and nice enough return. It's also a straightforward (dummy) technique, playing trend line breaks.
I used a 200,000 share-bar chart.

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