Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TS data unavailable

While my Tradestation data is unavailable for whatever reason, I suppose I'll just blog a little.
Mortgage lender Countrywide (CFC) announced a first quarter loss of $893 million. Accepting that they haven't seen the last of delinquencies, foreclosures and dropping home values, Countrywide will increase their residential loan loss provision to $1.5 billion.
The Case-Shiller home price index saw the fastest one month price decline in the history of the index. Home prices dropped 2.6% in 20 key cities between January and February this year. A 12.7% total decrease over the past 12-months.
Foreclosures are up 112% for the year.
Deutsche Bank (DB) reported its first quarterly loss in five years. A first quarter net loss of $131 million Euros, compared to last year's first quarter gain of $2.12-billion.
What can I say? Microsoft sucks.

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