Friday, August 15, 2008


wrote the day off and decided to make some beer instead. All done and fermenting as I write. mmmmm vanilla porter.


Bluedog said...

Wow, that looks great! It's summertime though, why are you drinking porter? It's 90 degrees. Perfect weather for an IPA!

fufufnik said...

I do agree with you my friend. Which is why the current "stock" in my refrigerator is Censored from Lagunitas. However, the brew I made today will be best in at least two months time. So, today was a means of preparing for the 4th quarter. cheers!

Bluedog said...

I always thought it would be fun to brew my own beer. There's a good microbrew fest in Portland, OR, every year. You'd probably get a kick out of it! Lagunitas is good. You should try Stone Brewery as well. Their Arrogant Bastard Ale is rockin', and they make a great IPA.