Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A choppy, messy day. I'm preferring to stick with watching one market lately (that market being the Ultra QQQ ProShares, QLD). It feels to me like a good method to learning to read "the tape." So, here's the one set-up that gave a decent probability to a trade in your direction. On the 15-minute chart (smaller inset chart) a triangle set up over the course of the last two sessions. The faster chart gives a better perspective. You can play it aggressively and short in anticipation of the break-down (somewhere in the long red candle), or more conservatively as price breaks the trend line (same long red candle) or makes a throw-back to the trend line (green high-wave candle).
On the shorter time frame chart (the larger chart) I have an ellipse around an indicator that fires to alert you when Bollinger Bands are squeezing inside of a Keltner Channel. It's not an indicator to trigger you into/out of a trade, but it lends you a condition to increase probability.

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