Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun Day

Today, though taking no trades, I had a very nice day. First, I went to get some acunpuncture. Aside from last week's appointment it's been a while since I've gotten any treatments. I always leave in such a relaxed energy. These last two weeks were focused on the Liver (need to be cutting back on the wine a bit), eyes (being that I stare at a computer so much), spleen, and gallbladder (which can store toxins). So, I got a total of 11 needles today, 1 of which was in the 3rd eye (between the eyes on the forehead). I consider myself a sensitive person, so I feel a positive result from these treatments. A very nice altered state after the treatments. I also took home some cleansing herbs to help me slough the liver. I'm a big fan of Chinese medicine.
After my acupuncture my fiancee and I went to the local climbing gym (that recently opened up in town). I'm excited to be getting back into rock-climbing, my arms and fingers are needing the rehabilitation. fun fun fun

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