Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So the headline grabber today was the unsolicited offer by Rupert Murdoch for Dow Jones & Co. (DJ) for $5 billion! DJ opened today at just over $37 and ramped up to over $54 at the day's close after the news of the offer. At $37/share, Murdoch put in an offer willing to pay $60/share.
What iterests me is this article. "Trading in options that would profit most from a jump in Dow Jones shares was far heavier than usual Monday. More than 4,300 call options on Dow Jones changed hands, nearly half of the volume of calls traded during the entire month of April. According to data from TradeAlert.com, the buying was heaviest in calls that convey the right to buy Dow Jones stock for $45 by late September. Trading in call options on Dow Jones picked up generally in April, and was particularly heavy on the 17th and 25th of the month. More than 10,000 call options on Dow Jones changed hands during the entire month - including Monday - compared with a total of 7,000 call options during the entire first quarter of 2007." hmmmm

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