Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Stocks of Interest (to me)

Just a couple of stocks I was following today. What's going on with RIMM? A nice even number of $100 support, but looks like it wants to move lower. It had a nice parabolic move this afternoon and recovered nicely at that $100 support area for a nearly $3 momentum gain before the bears beat it down again, where it remained for the rest of the session.
Next we have PCLN. Priceline?? Seriously?? I don't get it, but hey I never got Crocs either.
ISRG looks like it's petering out (Double Top-like) and itching to come back into its 50EMA for a bounce. Though it kinda looks like it's determined to take out it's highs the way it's loitering around resistance. {update} what I missed was the fry pan formation.
CBI retreated from its highs today and looks like it wants to draw out a handle to it's cup before making a run for the highs. Pure speculation of course.Some big moves in foreign tele-comm companies like Turkish TKC & Russian MBT.
And finally there's MA throwing up some flags.

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