Friday, June 06, 2008

DOWn 4hundy

What a tumultuous day! The DOW down nearly 400, Nasdaq down 75! and the S&P off over 43. Crude's going nuts (so much for profit taking). The dollar got hammered (just when the pundits were talking recovery, hahaha, fools). And, the jobless numbers out this morning show a 5.5% rise in May, the biggest increase since 1975!!!
I've been working on (and getting help writing the code for) an indicator and alert for Tradestation all this week. It's finally finished, and I got to play around with it today for some profitable trades. Very exciting. I plan on sharing, of course, once it's perfected and I can show a track record with it.
Here's a chart of our U.S.DollarIndex

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