Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is Apple Finished?

Apple stock is languishing, along with many big tech names. With three successive lower momentum highs, the stock looks like it could be gearing up to roll over and test the 200EMA back at the $156 level. Perhaps much will depend on what happens in the broad market in the short-term.
The weekly chart demonstrates a steep cup w. handle pattern which could portend higher prices in the weeks/months to come. While on the same weekly chart we see the MACD fast and slow lengths converging. A crossing of these lengths = short bias, should the lengths diverge there could be some bullish optimism.The daily chart seems to have an extended cup w. handle pattern drawn out as well. The negative aspect of it being that the handle has become over-extended which could allude to the stock price rolling over. Looking at an intra-day (30-min) chart we have a MACD about to cross down, along with a triangle/wedge pattern taking shape and resting on support. Perhaps the near-term price of Apple stock will correlate with the Nasdaq and whether we see more selling. But, it's not looking to bullish for Apple at this point.

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