Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Run on Banks

The big news today....there's no need for a run on your bank. And, in case you were thinking of making a run on your bank, you now (for the next 30-days at least) can't short (without already owning) FNM and FRE; as well as other big names like, LEH, MS, MER, GS.
A classic "cover-your-going-broke-ass" move. What can you expect though? We have to protect those CEO's and institutional holders of LEH, MS, et al., before their holdings are worthless, right? How would you feel if you owned 2.7-million shares as head of MS? Imagine how Barclay's feels while they're stuck holding 48-million shares in Morgan Stanley.
They're scared shitless.
So, instead of allowing the entities responsible for this mess to pay the consequences (and accept the risks they took on) we'll just help them defer accountability, give them carte blanche to the Fed, and hand the costs over to tax payers. Thank goodness we have Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary; who would know better what to do in an economic situation like this than an ex-head of Goldman Sachs?

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