Sunday, July 01, 2007

Can't Wait....

....until the iphone comes out in December. By that I of course mean the next generation iphone. I used to consider myself a macAddict. However, now I simply consider myself a macUser, perhaps a macLover. I wouldn't consider myself a mac"addict" simply because I wouldn't for the life of me stand on line for hours just to spend $500-$600 on a first generation mac product, especially a cellphone. At any rate, I used to consider myself a macAddict based on my predilection for a multitude of their products. The ipod, for one, (which I purchased in generation two stage and wished I had waited until generation 5) and the multiple laptops I've purchased.
What has always chafed me about mac products is their ability to lure you in with the hype/evangelizing only to release the same product a few months down the road with slight upgrades that everyone wishes they had with their first generation hardware. Case in point; my first mac laptop was a G3 iBook. Two months after purchasing it they released a G3 with superior speed and memory. Also, for the money I spent on my second generation iPod (that had to be sent in to Apple for repairs on the screen and which now can barely hold a charge) I could now buy one with twice the storage capacity and a video feature.
I can also reference such product revamps for the G4, G5, MacPro, iMac, macBookPro (which I nearly purchased before they released a next gen with the core2 duo chip). My point in all of this is simply to reinforce the notion that it's always better to wait out the ihype for the technological improvements (and price cuts) that are sure to follow in the future generations of iPhone. Not to disparage any of the iJunkies that had to be one of the first to own the coolest piece of technology since the ipod. Even though some of them simply do it for the thrill of waiting on line, believe it or not. Case in point is this man.
So, now that the waiting is over and the frustration with AT&T begins we will begin to notice articles like this popping up reminding us to be on the look-out for new-and-improved iPhones. Unless of course this gets in the way...Remember the Alamo?
Which, if it ends up like the RIMM patent lawsuit, might end up hurting Apple's stock but providing an excellent buying opportunity eventually.

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