Tuesday, July 24, 2007


After hours today was good news for NTRI. They reported Q2 earnings above expectations at 96 cents/share vs. analysts forecasting 85 cents/share, resulting in a nearly 3% increase in their stock price. THEN, before you know it, they're down nearly 15% with the company stating "it expects to make 77 cents to 82 cents a share for the third quarter on revenue of $200 million to $208 million. Analysts were looking for an 89-cent profit on sales of $209 million." It hurts to hold that one overnight.
NTRI's customer base is (literally) growing. FYI...66% of Americans are overweight. That's nearly 200 million people!! Not only that, but it's projected that by 2015 (a mere 7.5 years) a full 75% will be overweight. That's insane!!

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