Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Selling

Increased volume today along with late-day selling, par for the course. The S&P500 is under the '07 open and the Nasdaq is 30 points away. Meanwhile the DJIA is on the cusp of falling into February levels. To top it all off, here come the tropical storms. Homebuilder confidence is in the toilet, lowest level since '91. Brazil has been buying up U.S.Treasuries and is holding $93.6 billion worth. While China, "the biggest foreign holder of Treasuries after Japan, sold a net $14.7 billion of U.S. government debt from April through June, the first time the country has sold Treasuries in three straight months since November 2000." Everyone's looking to October already to entice Big Ben to cut the rate.
Meanwhile, no trades for me and I'm getting frustrated. I'm anxious for a trading fix.

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