Friday, August 24, 2007

Next Week

I've been away from this blog (and day trading) for a couple of days now, which is just way too long. I'm going to take the weekend to regroup and come back on Monday with a vengeance. We got some bullish moves in the markets today with the DJIA, and Nasdaq closing just barely above their 50 EMA's on some mediocre volume. The Russell2000 index is just above it's 200EMA and fighting to stay above it's 2007 open. I have enjoyed seeing my swing trades in GRMN, HPQ, CRNT, and RS do so well this past week even if I wasn't day trading. It will be exciting to see if the bulls can pull the charts out of their pits and back on track next week. I'll make a concerted effort to get myself back on point and get some relevant posts onto this blog.

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