Monday, August 27, 2007

What I'm Watching

Stocks I'll be watching this week as potential day trades:
NOV with a little resistance at $121.28. Might provide a good long opportunity with a above average volume break of that pivot point. Otherwise (being that it's on the overextended side), it could set up a short candidate if it's turned away from that $121.28 price range again. You tell me.NVDA is in all-time high territory. It was sold off of it's high later in the day on high volume. We could see some selling tomorrow which could present a good buying opp. or we could see a gap up in the morning which could bring a scalping short set-up.
BCSI is pushing all-time highs as well. Looks as though it likes to for a base before breaking up/down. You can draw some good pivot points too from the 15-min. chart.DRYS closed at an all-time high today. Wouldn't be surprised to see a test of today's resistance.
Other's I'm watching include; CF, ISRG, OII, PCLN

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